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Household Feedback

Winter Beans

It’s always nice to hear from the people we support and helps us understand how it is we benefit them. This feedback is from a household living in North Kesteven:

I think everything has been really useful, I know we haven’t contacted you an awful lot but when we have you’ve always come back with suggestions really quickly and given us several different ideas to choose from. Unfortunately the allotment has been on the back burner for us a bit this year due to the weather and a few things within the family, but i still think that we’ve been able to pick up an awful lot of core things from you e.g. composting, manure, crop rotation etc that we’ll be able to use year in year out.

Your help was also indispensable when it came to trouble shooting (e.g. blight!) As, not having grown much before, we didn’t know what we were looking at or where to start. We were also really grateful for the way you popped down to the plot when we first signed up as it gave us a lot of confidence that the info you gave was suitable for our soil etc and not just something quoted from a book that we’d then have to try and interpret. As for the scheme in general I’m really glad we got to hear about it and joined.’

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