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Recipe: Green Tomato Chutney

green tomato chutney
This recipe is provided by Master Gardener Jane
Green Tomato Chutney
(Veg should be weighed after preparing)
450g      Apples
Cooking or eating or mixture
450g      Onions
White or red, red gives a pink tinge to finished product
450g      Tomatoes
Green or red
1/2 pint Pickling vinegar
225g       Sugar
Cheap old white will do, brown gives a darker product.
Mustard seeds and sultanas can be added as an optional extra also chilli/cayenne if you like it hot.
Crunch all the veg in a processor with the largest grating blade then put everything in a large pan and boil for around 30 minutes, maybe a bit longer. Then jar as usual.
The recipe also calls for salt but I leave it out to make it healthier. This does not appear to affect the overall effect or storage quality at all.
I have kept this chutney for up to three years.

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