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Autumn Harvest Celebration

Autumn Harvest Celebration

40 people arrived on a brisk November morning to the New Life Conference Centre in Lincoln, to be treated to a fun and informative day in the county capital.

We were pleased to have welcomed a record number of Master Gardeners attending their quarterly training event, bringing with them partners and households as plus ones.  Members of Lincolnshire County Council Public Health team also attended, as well as representatives from two local food growing initiatives, demonstrating the strength of the network in its third year.

Thanks for organising a great day yesterday, and our +1s really enjoyed the day too! ☺ – Heidi Haxeltine, Master Gardener

After a brief introduction and welcome by co-ordinator Rick Aron, Master Gardener David Newman stepped up to the fold to deliver a very entertaining and informative session that examined the life of a seed from the inside out! Dave helped the group to gently and carefully take a bean seed apart to reveal and explain the inner workings of a seed. It struck a lot of the people attending that they had used seeds for growing vegetables for a long time, without actually knowing what keeps them alive in the packet.

Master Gardener Julie takes apart a bean

After some lovely coffee fueled conversations in the break, Rick then introduced the next speakers, Pete and Sean from Green Futures in North East Lincolnshire and Mary from Lincoln-based Green Synergy. Pete and Sean outlined the work that Green Futures has done, is doing and where the organisation wants to go next. Mary outlined the plan the Green Synergy is in the process of rolling out, whilst supporting local growing enterprises.

Garden Organic present Green Synergy and Green Future some Bocking 14 Comfrey as a token of our appreciation of their community work – Mary Whiting, Rick Aron, Sean Atkinson, Pete Allen

All three faced a wide range of questions from a very impressed audience and the feedback after the event has been wholly positive about the two organisations.

Lunch was provided by the venue, which very kindly catered to our request of local foods. They also catered for our ‘bring your own chutney’ request by providing very fine local cheeses. The food was so good that little was left, however the New Life Centre were kind enough to allow us to arrange the extra food was donated to the Lincoln YMCA.

Our plans had to change after lunch as one of our guest speakers sadly couldn’t attend.

Pete and Sean from Green Futures kindly agreed to field an extended question and answer session, proving the interest in their fantastic enterprise, one that North East Lincolnshire is lucky to have.

Heidi, a Master Gardener from Stamford, was looking forward to the wildlife gardening talk that was meant to happen. We asked the group to think of something the did (or wished they did!) to help the wildlife in their garden. The results of our talk will be put on the site next week.

After yet more fine coffee – talking about gardening is tiring! – Master Gardener Sharon Smith, a qualified nutritionist, took us through the role of the nutrients, from the soil, into the plants and finally into us, teaching us that we are but compost. But in a good way. Sharon demonstrated the nutritional need for fresh food by way of an interactive diagram on a flip-board, showing where each component of food – calcium, nitrogen etc – is needed by the body. See the image below for the results.

We would like to thank everyone who came, everyone who brought chutney, our funding partners who came along and contributed and the New Life Centre for being such excellent hosts.



Hello Rick, just to say thanks for great day out on Saturday. I really enjoyed everything about the day, meeting up with other like minded people and having a bit of banter, it was good to see what growing your own stuff can lead to, a more sustainable future for all of us – Paul Collingwood, local allotment secretary

Thank you so much for another fun-packed day – as usual, learnt loads and came home inspired – Hilary Bower, Master Gardener

Thanks for a super day on Saturday – very happy to have some bocking 14! – Laura Stratford, Transition Town Lincoln

Blog post about the day by a Master Gardener:
Brilliant Autumn Harvest celebration in Lincoln!

Maggie, a Stamford Master Gardener, has asked me to pop up some chutney recipes that she and other Master Gardeners use. Please keep checking over the next few weeks for a new chutney recipe! First up in South Holland Master Gardener Jane Broome with her Green Tomato Chutney.



A dissected bean seed

Mary from Green Synergy talks to the group

Soil, vegetables and humans – all the same really!

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