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Boston Central Park Community Garden

Boston Central Park Community Garden

I took a trip down to Boston Central Park Community Garden last week and was amazed at the progress and development  of the site! Run completely by volunteers alongside the Boston ‘Incredible Edible’ Community Garden Programme, this is a model Garden for the Lincolnshire area and shows what can be  done by simple determination and a team of 17 volunteers. Thank you to everyone involved in showing that community gardens do work in Lincolnshire! I can’t wait to visit again and see how the vegetables have progressed. A Master Gardener will be assigned to this lovely bunch of people immediately after the training session in a couple of weeks.

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Ready and running!

Ready and running!

Now I’ve been in the post for two weeks I feel ready to announce myself to you all!

We’ve already had a great response from Lincolnshire gardeners but I am always looking for more – so get involved and help people learn how to grow their own food. It’s a fun and worthwhile activity that is proving a great success with existing Master Gardeners from across the country.

We all benefit from this programme. By helping members of your community learn how to sow and tend plants the community benefits from greater cohesion – the household you help benefits through learning a new skill, saving money and having a living garden or windowsill – you benefit from developing your skills and sharing them.

We have a training session for new volunteers booked for the 16th and 17th of April, an enriching and inspiring time for all gardening enthusiasts – certainly one of the most engaging training sessions I’ve been to observe. Participants were from a broad spectrum of gardening experience and it was great to listen to all the conversations about ways of doing things!

Interested? Ring me (Rick) on 07584 474779 to find out how you can become a Master Gardener.

Register your interest here

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Seasonal and growing in March

Seasonal and growing in March

Seeds are jumping out their packets as food growers welcome the warm(er) weather.

With so many crop highlights, it’s tricky to know what to sow when and where. So read on for a swift, but handy guide.

Please adjust timings for your local weather and growing conditions. And adjust for unusual, less traditional crops you might be growing, such as those in Garden Organic’s Sowing New Seeds project.

Inside is the land of plenty…

Use windowsills, a warm porch, or insulated/frost free greenhouse or polytunnel.

This suits your ‘tender’ crops that dislike a touch of frost, but also suits hardier crops that benefit from a head start in the warmth.

Get sowing your (links open growing card)….

Fruits: Aubergine, Greenhouse Cucumber, Okra, Pepper, Indoor Tomato
Vegetables: Celery, Lettuce, Seakale
Herbs: Chives, Fennel, Lemon Balm, Marjoram, Parsley, Sorrel, Tarragon, Thyme
Edible flowers: Nasturtium

Outdoors is another land of plenty…

Use pots or trays along a sheltered wall or in a coldframe, or sow seed direct into the soil.

This suits hardier crops that don’t mind a bit of cold. Some food growers like to start some outdoor crops indoors for head start or slug protection.

Get sowing your (links open growing cards)…

Fruit: not yet…
Vegetables: Annual spinach, Beetroot, Broad Bean, Brussels Sprouts, Bulb Onion, Cauliflower, Leek, Lettuce, Oriental Salad, Parsnip, Pea, Radish, Rocket, Salad Onion, Shallot, Spring and Summer Salad, Summer Cabbage
Herbs: not yet… but Coriander and Dill in April
Edible flowers: Borage and Pot Marigold
Green manures: Mustard, Phacelia, Vetch

There’s barely time for a cup of tea
(barely… there’s always time for a cuppa)

Click for growing advice

Written by Philip Turvil

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Radish make the most of warmer weather

Radish make the most of warmer weather

EXAMPLE BLOG before Lincolnshire Master Gardeners join us…

Radish plants are so impatient. Quickly growing from seed on a windowsill or snugly in a windowbox – and outdoors if your soil isn’t frozen or soggy (but read on if it is…)

Plants only need a couple of spring months to grow penny-width roots to pull out and compliment your lunch.

They’re even quicker from seed-to harvest in summer. Sow every few weeks for a continuous supply.

See Radish growing tips below

Suggested radish varieties: have a look in the Organic Gardening Catalogue

Click here to find your local Master Gardener for personal food growing advice

Click here for more growing tips

Cloche to warm up soil

Soil frozen or soggy?

Get a head start by covering soil with black plastic or make a tunnel ‘cloche’ with horticultural fleece/clear plastic over wire hoops. Sow keen varieties after a couple of weeks. On my list are: summer cabbage, early carrot, enthusiastic lettuce, salad onion, parsnip, pea , radish, lovely salads. Broad beans too.

Radish growing tips
Written by Philip Turvil

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Preparing for new Lincolnshire co-ordinator

Preparing for new Lincolnshire co-ordinator

We’re looking forward to welcoming our new co-ordinator Richard Aron next Monday to the Master Gardener team. More details to follow!

We’re busily preparing lots of meeting with programme partners – as well as times to meet prospective volunteer Master Gardeners at community gardens. Very exciting. Click here to read more about becoming a Lincolnshire Master Gardener.

In the meantime, please click here to read about our latest Master Gardener training

And here, for story about the achievement of our wonderful Master Gardeners in Warwickshire, Norfolk, Islington and South London.

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Calling all food growing enthusiasts

Calling all food growing enthusiasts

We’re looking to recruit our first Lincolnshire Master Gardeners from Boston and East Lindsey to train in April 2011.

If you have some experience of growing your own fruit or veg, are passionate about helping others to get growing and could volunteer for 30 hours a year (or more), then please get in touch to request an application form.

We offer all the resources, training and support you’ll need to encourage and support people in your local community start to grow their own.

Read more about becoming a Lincolnshire Master Gardener

More details coming soon once our co-ordinator joins the team…

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Case studies coming soon

Case studies coming soon

We’re just launching the exciting new Lincolnshire Master Gardener programme.

Come back to see stories you…

Please click here if interested in becoming a Master Gardener

Click here to read case studies from Master Gardeners in Warwickshire, Norfolk and London

Pictured: Liam from Myatt’s Fields in Lambeth was today accepted as the first of our new cohort of Master Gardeners in South London, pictured here with a ‘square-foot gardening’ bed.

Knowledgable and friendly, Liam is supporting neighbours and colleagues of all ages to grow fruit and veg in communal gardens.

Click here to read the full story of Master Gardener recruitment in South London

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