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Become a Master Gardener

Become a Master Gardener

*****The Lincolnshire Master Gardener programme has now ended. For more information about Sustainable Communities projects including Master Gardeners, Master Composters and Growing Buddies please contact Garden Organic on 02476 217700


Master Gardeners

Master Gardener vary hugely, from a couple of years growing experience to many decades. They’re welcome from all sections of the community. They don’t need to be experts on organic growing as this is part of training and support.

Volunteer role

  • Master Gardeners help bring together growing groups and initiatives unique to the area.
  • Each has their own innovate ways of promoting the benefits of growing your own, such as events, talks, articles, and through community groups and schools.
  • Each Master Gardener also supports 5 households just beginning to grow their own food, offering seasonal advice and support for 12 months.
  • Volunteers ‘graduate’ as Master Gardeners after 30 hours a year volunteering  (about half a day a month). Most continue beyond.
  • They feedback their hours, activities, successes and problems to their Lincolnshire volunteer co-ordinator

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  • Full Master Gardener training supported by dedicated manual and interactive website.
  • Active support from the Lincolnshire volunteer co-ordinator, including one-to-one guidance, horticultural training, newsletters, and factsheets.
  • Part of a community of Master Gardeners promoting food growing around the UK.
  • Free resources, badge, clothing, safe working policies, insurance, expenses, awards.

Questions and application

Coming together

Please contact us here with any questions and application requests.

Since Master Gardeners work with the public, we carry out reference checks.


Not in Lincolnshire?

We have Master Gardeners supporting food growing in neighbouring counties in Norfolk, Warwickshire, Medway and South London.

If you’re further afield, please see our future areas, or contact us to help us start a Master Gardener programme near you.

Other ways to get involved